Corn Snake

Pantherophis Guttatus
South-East U.S.A
Over grown fields, open forests, barns and other abandoned buildings
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Quickly growing in popularity these fascinating snakes, with their relatively low care requirements, are the perfect choice for first time reptile keepers both young and old.  Corn snakes are famously docile in temperament and with regular handling become easy to handle.


Found throughout parts of southeast northern America in a wide variety of locations from rocky hillsides, overgrown meadows, wood piles and farm buildings, they are predominately ground dwelling.  These snakes will spend most of their time in rodent burrows and buried in deep leaf litter although they are known to climb up trees and into abandoned buildings in search of food.


There are two theories as to where the name Corn snake came from. One explanation is based on the fact that the under scales of the Corn snake bear the same patterning as an ear of maize or “Indian corn”. The other is based on the fact that these snakes are regularly found in corn stores feeding on the rats and mice that come to feed on the corn.


Available through selective breeding in an ever increasing variety of colours and patterns or “morphs” from natural Carolina to crimsons all the way to sun kissed ghost motleys, corn snakes are capable of living to around 20 years, and grow to around 4-5ft but are capable of growing up to 6ft. Easy to look after with a fantastic temperament, these snakes will become a long time fixture in the home.


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