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We're pleased to announce that Komodo is back online with a brand new website to showcase our ever expanding range of responsible reptile care products.

Here you'll find up to date information and news on all of our ethical, habitat enriching products and the fascinating world of reptiles. 

Endorsed by many of the world's leading herpetologists, our contemporary, practical and environment-friendly products have become the preferred choice for retailers and reptile keepers at all levels, from hobbyists and enthusiasts, to breeders and professional herpetologists.

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Komodo Lighting Guide

Just published, our new Lighting Guide gives you an insight into the types of bulbs we offer for non-UVB lighting.  Covering our complete range of incandescent and halogen bulbs it also...

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Monday 31 March 2014

New Product! Komodo Straw Terrain

New to our natural range of substrates, Komodo Straw Terrain is a naturally soft substrate, which due to it being suitable for dry or humid environments, is ideal for use with tortoises and a wide...

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